Choosing Electric and Automatic Dog Doors

The key role of a dog door is to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy by giving freedom and exercise they need without making your home unsafe With a lot of doors available in the market it would be hard to find the right one. Lukcily the introduction of automatic and electric dog doors fewer issues are to encountered compared to using the regular doors, they don't comprise on security since they open when there's need for the dog to move in or out. In order to get the best electric and automatic dog doors it is crucial that you consider the following factors otherwise you may end up with a door that is not ideally functional.

One of the first factors to look at when deciding on the where to put the dog door is the material, size as well as safety Normally, electric and automatic dog doors save dogs from the hassle of pushing a door to entire, the doors will open and shut after the sensors detect the presence the dog, but the doors must be installed in strategic location that your dog is used to which would be better than teaching an old dog new tricks. Check the website for more info.

Once you have made the decision of where to fit the doggie door, ensure that provides comfort when the dog is using it. You can do this by weigh the dog and record the measurement, measure the size of the shoulders, below the neck region and the width of the dog, to ensure that the door can hold the weight of the dog and fits the dog well. It is also to key to measure the space set aside for the door to ensure that the location has enough space to install it.

Price of the electric and automatic dog door matters a lot, there are different models some more expensive than others. Pick a dog door that fits your budget, don't be too focused on getting a cheap one as cheap may be expensive. Get more info here.

While it is important provide freedom to your pet, also consider that your home is secure and as well as your pet. The door should be fastened and locked properly to keep of any intruders who may think of breaking into the house using the pet door. The safety of your house is affected by the size of your dog, a bigger dog requires  more door pace which comprise security. But at the same time, the presence of a pet door will keep of potential burglars who will be reluctant to enter a house with a dog.

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